A freelance project where I designed and published an upcoming novel. I was given the task of creating both the cover and inside pages of the novel. Features of the design which stood out were the use of illustration and the typographic detail.  Two book covers were created, one giving a modern, youthful appearance which attracted a younger audience; a second design reached out to a wider audience with a more classic and timeless feel. After conversing with the client, we agreed to release the initial cover as the main jacket and feature the second cover as a limited edition (hand-signed by the author to further achieve the 'collector' ambience). The choice to use Minion Pro successfully allowed consistency between the printed novel and the ePub. As well as the main deliverables, bookmarks were designed for promotional purposes. The design featured a QR code with a link to the author's website, encouraging the user to use their smartphone or tablet to explore the book further. Throughout this project, I had to adhere to strict design guidelines put forward by both the client and the publishing house. I gained valuable insight into how to efficiently prepare documents for commercial print.
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